And so it begins…

I have been playing World of Warcraft for almost 10 months now, and as most people know, once you’ve started playing, it is very hard to stop. I have two level 80 characters, a paladin, Illasera with protection and retribution specs and a discipline priest, Viconia. Both are fun to play, however, my primary character for achievements is my Paladin Illasera.

There are plenty of reasons why I chose my paladin as my primary character for achievement runs.

  1. My Paladin was the first to reach level 80. My priest followed almost 4 months after, but by then I had already started accumulating achievement points on Illasera.
  2. Most of the achievements require strenuous grinding for hours and days at end, and it is not possible to do it on both characters at the same time.
  3. Achievements also require doing a lot of daily quests and as a healer, without enough damage throughput it is very time consuming to finish them fast enough. It is much less time consuming to do quests as a retribution paladin. I usually finish a round of 11 dailies of Argent Tournament in 55 minutes as a retribution paladin.
  4. Being a protection paladin, I can also solo most of the daily group quests, reducing my reliance on friends or fellow guildies for achievements. Even attempting to solo group quests as a priest is certain death!

That being said, I still join PUGs (picked up groups) if they are doing achievements as Viconia, though my main preference remains Illasera.

Note: The only category of achievements that I am not tracking on Illasera, are the PVP achievements, since I prefer playing PVP as my priest. I guess this also gives Viconia something to achieve 🙂


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