Chicken Kicker, Show Off!

Yeah, that’s right! I’m a chicken kicker and a show off …

Well …, I’m not a chicken kicker in real life .. that’s just mean and I don’t believe I’m a show off either. I’m talking about two different fun achievements in Fable 2 which came as a surprise to me in the first 30 minutes of the game.

I was at a friend’s place last week for dinner, and while the food was cooking, I decided to play Fable 2 to kill time. I must say that the game graphics and game play  are really good.  Player and NPC interaction is also very neat.

Anyways, after the first cut scene in the game, I was following my sister, and I happen to come upon a chicken. I was still getting used to the controls so when I got to the chicken, somehow I accidentally kicked it and it went flying away. This was hilarious to watch, so I did it deliberately for fun. I kept doing this to every chicken I found much to my friend’s worry who kept looking over my shoulder all the time to see what I was up to, because he thought that I might lose reputation or shift my alignment towards evil ( I was planning to play good), if I kicked chickens all the time. However, you don’t lose reputation or alignment if you do this. In fact, you will get some points for being funny, if you kick chickens around villagers and make them laugh.

However, in chapter 2, in my adulthood I must say, I kicked a chicken, and got 2 points for making a nearby villager laugh. I also got the achievement “Chicken Kicker” at the same time. I have no idea how far I kicked the chicken, but was immensely surprised to see the achievement pop up on screen. This achievement is very easy to achieve at the beginning of the game, when you are following your sister. There are a lot of chickens on the road, just try kicking them and see how far they go.

When you are collecting 5 gold in the beginning of the game, you come across a photographer, who wants someone to pose for him. It doesn’t matter what pose you choose, but extend it and end it correctly and you will get the “show-off” achievement. I chose to fart extensively and ended it perfectly without crapping in my pants. To end the extended poses without messing them up, stop performing them in the green section of the action bar. If you fail to get the achievement at this time, you will find a lady creating a sculpture later in the game, and you can pose for her and get it then. You can get a sculpture made for yourself as many times as you want, so getting this achievement then becomes easy as long as you have some gold to spare.


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