WoW Come Back ?

Am I going to be one of those who could not escape the clutches of world of warcraft ?

I unsubscribed from WoW almost a year ago, after I was unimpressed by cataclysm expansion. Due to a vacation which coincided with the release of the expansion, I could not get my character to level 85 in time for the raid groups to be decided, making it very difficult to find raid spots in the guild. At the beginning of the expansion, with the newly added guild bonuses during raids and guild achievements, pugs were hardly taking off and even then it meant wiping for hours only to finally give up without any success. So, finally I bid goodbye to all my friends and guild mates – some of whom I had come to know very well, and quit.

After spending a few days contemplating on my decision and replying to emails and chats requesting me to come back, I soon realized that this was the best thing that I had done in a while. I had so much free time on my hands again that I could do a lot of things that I had planned for over year but hadn’t gotten around to just because I was busy playing world of warcraft. I could finish the pile of books in my bookshelf which had been gathering dust since the day they had been bought. I could play and actually finish some of the games that I had been buying during Steam sales (I’ve got to learn some self-restraint during Steam sales!). I also got back to writing as a hobby and on a whim, participated in the National Novel Writing Month the goal of which is to complete 50K words in the month of November averaging about 1667 words per day. I was stoked when I actually finished NaNoWriMo with 65K words. It was an amazing feeling and even though till date my novel stands incomplete, I can say that I am a budding author and a novelist, something that wouldn’t have been possible if I were still busy running around in circles around the town of Orgrimmar in WoW and checking the auction house for the umpteenth time. When the year 2011 finally came to a close, I could actually say that I had “accomplished” something in my personal life.

So why am I now contemplating going back to world of warcraft ? Because I miss interacting with my friends and playing with them. While the game had become slightly mundane and I wasn’t doing much towards the end of it, I still saw (online of course) friends who are are in distant parts of the country. These were good times and it has been months since I have talked with some of them. They also in turn have mentioned and contacted me saying that they would like to have me back, if not for hardcore raiding and regular game time hours, but instead just for casual gaming. This is the only appeal the game has for me now, being able to play with friends and have a good time. The story and gameplay became unimpressive with Blizzard resurrecting old vanilla bosses and dungeons and I am tired of raiding regularly which added more stress to an already stressful job.

I hadn’t washed my hands off of MMOs when I quit wow, so I started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic when it released. it is an excellent game and the questing is done very well as compared to WoW. It is not as good as Dragon Age quest line, but as an  MMO it is very well done and is quite engrossing. however, the game lacks in end game content and PvP is sub par, especially without any deserter penalty in place, people leave the group as soon as the opposing team scores even in Hutt Ball. There are times when the scoreboard shows 16 allies throughout a game which has a max of 8 players and  lasts 15 minutes in total. Also, with no friends interested in playing the game, since they are still quite occupied with wow,  I might unsubscribe from the game very soon after my current character – a Jedi knight – gets to level 50.

What I still need to decide is, should I re-subscribe to wow even after quitting the game has helped me accomplish so much ?


9 thoughts on “WoW Come Back ?”

  1. Yea better gear will do it. Sadly this is the biggest factor in arena. Playing good too but gear is just a very big factor. I noticed with better gear that things get more easy. Also because you sometimes get enemy teams which dont have that much gear so that we call those matches “free win” or “three second matches” as it doesn´t take much more time to kill them in three or maybe ten seconds lol. Sometimes it looks so like the “team finding tool” doesn´t work always good. Idk.

    Really good that you have fun with PvP imo. I keep reading your blog to see what kind of cool WoW Storys I find here. As I have a level 42 priest which I twink imo, maybe I find other interesting things here as you are priest. Maybe I also should write more about WoW. Its a fun idea.

  2. Cool. One of my friends plays a disci priest too. Must be a fun class as well. I enjoy Battlegrounds too even if I have already some Arena Gear. Its still fun to join BG´s. In Arena we win enough to get new Gear every week but I also would not call it success as we dont have a top rating imo. But we have fun as we win here and there and we see it as a challenge also if we lose sometimes.

    Greetings… oh and…
    For the Horde 😉

    1. Wow, you guys must be really good. I don’t think I’ve won enough to get gear every week yet. Hopefully this time, when I pvp more than pve. My primary focus was pve before and I did pvp only when there was no active guild dungeon or raid group going. Lok’tar Ogar my friend!

      1. I am pretty much sure you will get gear this time. It is just so that you need motivation also if there are some loses sometimes. Experience comes over time and soon you will also win here and there. And you dont have to win that much to get the points cap full per week.

        Oh and the good thing is but I guess you noticed it already..
        If you win battlegrounds you get 50 arena points per win. This is also good to fill the cap. Im not sure but I remember each first win in a battleground per day gives you 100 points or so (daily). All other wins 50 points. But I think you know that. 🙂

        Its always a hard decision if we want to focus on pve or pvp. Both is to much time consuming. I dont have that much time anymore. So I understand you.

        Lok´tar Ogar 🙂

      2. I have been playing mostly PvP since I joined last week and I also capped my conquest points by doing 3s with friends. So i got plenty of gear most of which is honor gear which has improved my survivability by a lot. I still have issues in areans against all dps teams, since the damage burst is a lot, but I think as I get better gear my survivability will improve. I am more inclined to do PvP over PvE this time, and with less time dedicated for wow, I don’t think I have time for doing both well and I certainly don’t want to be a jack of trades, master of none either.

  3. I suggest you to play World of Warcraft with your friends in a special interval. I made the same decision as you some time ago but I always came back to World of Warcraft.

    As I play Guitar, as there is a Fish Tank which needs my work, as there is so much Life and Hobbys.. I decided to create my own playing interval.

    All my friends know I activate for a month but after this I will make a month brake. So one month playing WoW, one month time for other hobbys, one month WoW and so on..

    This is how I can be happy with all my hobbys. The way I can spend time with my friends online but dont forget my other hobbys. I have always a fresh feeling when I come back to WoW.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I think that is exactly what I will do. I will regulate my game time to twice per week and up to 3 hours at a time for now. That way I will still have plenty of time to work on other hobbies. Also, I resurrected my account today 🙂

      1. Good decision. Its possible to enjoy all that Life&Hobbys together when we manage the time. =)

        Hope you have fun too as you activated. I am active imo too and have some fun with my friends.

        What kind of faction do you play? What is your main class? Race? In your blogpost I understand you did go raiding.. but do you play PvP too? And at least.. where you from (language server group)?

        I am on german servers as I am german. I play Horde, Mage Bloodelf and I usualy do PvP to 70% and the rest is some PvE and trading in the auctionshouse.

        Greetings. =)

      2. I play Horde as well. My primary character since Cataclysm is my blood elf discipline priest and I actively play pvp as well. I haven’t had much succss in arena, but enjoy battlegrounds a lot. I am in US-Nordrassil and this time around I plan on playing PvP more actively than before and minimize on raiding.

        In wrath my primary character used to be Prot Pally, and I used to usually tank for my guild.

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