Elder Scrolls Online Announcement.

After hearing numerous rumors over the past few weeks, Bethesda finally announced their plans for an MMO based on their Elder Scrolls series. I’ve spent my last few weeks avidly playing their latest installment Skyrim, so this official announcement is a great news indeed. The fact that we have to wait for another year before we see the MMO; not so much.

However, is this announcement a surprise ? No. Well, the rumors were a hint themselves, but Skyrim’s radiant engine that generates infinite quests based on your quest choices and outcomes was already a positive step towards the possibility of an MMO. Also, it is hard to believe that with such a rich universe and history, Bethesda had not come up with an MMO for Elder Scrolls. So when they had acquired rights to a fallout MMO, my first reaction was “Wuh ? What about Elder Scrolls ?”.

Which bring me to my next question. Since Bethesda has acquired rights for Fallout MMO does this mean we are going to see two MMOs from the same company ? Not that I’m complaining, Bethesda has done great work in both, but having two MMOs competing against each other may not be a good thing for Bethesda in the long run. I guess I am going to be watching future announcements regarding these two franchises more closely.

However, I am eager to see an MMO with the radiant engine. Skyrim discussions with friends already indicate a lot of differences in quests and gameplay. It will be interesting to see people getting different side quests while leveling, unlike other MMOs which have the same old ‘Kill X of Y” quests and making leveling multiple characters a chore rather than a fun experience.  Star Wars: The Old Republic had made some improvements in the leveling experience with a variety of side quest and a class quest, but I realized very soon, that leveling a new character only gave a different class story line, but the side quests remained the same and became a chore very soon. So, if Bethesda uses the radiant engine to generate side quests and daily quests, it is going to make it much more fun.

Looks like Bethesda is on its way to riches. Anyone know the stock ticker for Bethesda ? Maybe its time to buy some ..

The official announcement on Forbes.com:



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