Diablo 3 failure to launch!

Last night marked the launch of Diablo 3, Blizzard’s long-awaited game and the gaming community has been abuzz with various “Error 37” posts – some funny and some full of rage. However, they all point to the same fact, that many people haven’t been able to play the game yet, that they’ve been waiting for a long time for. To top that, the servers have been down for maintenance multiple times today. This does not bode well for Blizzard, since they should have been better prepared to deal with the user traffic based on the number of pre-ordered copies and feedback of Open Beta weekend. This is evident from the scores of 0-3 that the game has been getting on various game boards, mainly because people haven’t been able to log in or be able to play uninterrupted for a while.

In contrast, SC2 had a much smoother launch, primarily because you did not have to connected to Battle.net for single player campaign. This makes me wonder why do you have to be connected to Battle.net for playing the single player ? If I do need social features like join a server to play a multiplayer campaign, interact with real id friends, use the online auction house etc, I can selectively choose to log in.  I guess this was widely discussed when Blizzard had announced that the game will require to be connected to battle.net at all times.

The delay in the launch is not surprising, since usually launch of a much awaited game is expected to have servers full for the first few days, but is a little disappointing that many fans of the franchise are still unable to play. I am a fan of Diablo 2, having played it many times until now and my experiences with the Beta were great and I have been looking forward to playing the game myself. However, given the number of issues especially with logging in, I think I’m going to continue to play Skyrim at least until the weekend, when the servers would be up more often. Until then I will have to stop reading the forums to prevent myself from reading spoilers.


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