Diablo 3 : Second Impressions

Finally had a chance to play Diablo 3 last night for a couple of hours. I created a wizard for the first run through the game, though from playing the Beta, I found monk, warrior and demon hunter interesting as well. I didn’t like the game play for witch doctor at least in the first 10 levels, when you only have fire bats and spider jars. The almost undying hounds are pretty neat to have, and it seems that witch doctor will be a pretty powerful character at higher levels, but something about throwing spiders at enemies just didn’t seem like fun.

Having already “played” diablo 3 in beta and multiplayer during the open beta, there are some new features that are now visible to the gamers, other than the fact that we can now actually log in 🙂 . Primarily, we now see cinematics for the story line and characters. Unlike its predecessor, Diablo 3 has unique story lines for all classes. There are  short cinematics between major plot points in the game pertaining to the characters life and the next goals related to the story arc. Another difference was that you now start with a lot of sigils and patterns to create a custom banner. Also, achievements now unlock new sigils in game.

I played with two friends who had already leveled up to level 15 and level 24, and joining scaled the game difficulty to the highest level character in the party. This does make leveling for lower level characters very slow, since you gain very little experience for killing mobs.

Last night, I replayed what was already in Beta, clearing the cathedral and defeating the Skeleton King. This weekend, I hope to make more progress in the game and hopefully finish the whole story arc in normal difficulty.


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