Finally some action !!!

I am spending the whole week replaying all games of commandos, and enjoying every bit of it. So far, finished with Commandos : Behind Enemy Lines and Commandos : Beyond the Call of Duty. Planning to finish the other two installments in this series by the time the weekend is over.


Mists of Pandaria – feeling burned out

I have been avidly playing Mists of Pandaria, since it came out, and I must say I am liking it so far, however, I am slowly starting to feel burned out. I rolled a new character this expansion, a windwalker monk, since I already had a healer priest and a pally tank, thinking that I would have one of each role at max level, however, there is just so much to do that I haven’t been able to level any of my alts since I got RollingPin (my monk), to level 90.

I  got to level 90 in the last week of October (I was on a trip to India for 3 weeks when I didn’t have much chance to play), and since then I’ve only been trying to keep up with the gear requirements for raiding. Since I got to 90 I’ve been doing daily quests of various factions for valor points and faction gear, leveling professions, doing each LFR (Looking For Raid) every week, and raiding for 3 hours twice a week in addition to LFRs. This coupled with a hectic time at work these days, I am feeling a burn out from long hours at work and the long daily grind in wow.

I haven’t had a chance to seriously try out pvp in this expansion yet, since PvE takes up way too much of my time. I will be done with factions very soon, at least the ones from whom I can buy the gear that I need, and the fun ones like, cloud serpent for mounts, I can do later when I don’t have too many raid/gear related things to do.

Next two weeks are most likely going to be raid free weeks (and hopefully less stressful weeks at works as well), since a lot of my raid members are going to be on vacation, I think I will have enough time to recuperate, get revered with most factions (don’t have too many to complete), finish important faction storylines (eg: domination point) and also blog a bit about my activities in wow.  Until then, for those interested, here is my new monk on blizzard armory, usually logged out in windwalker spec, however, I have recently taken up healing as an off spec, so you may see me logged out in my crappy healing gear as well from time to time.