RollingPin’s new look – Shado-pan transmog

I feel like I have finally completed my shado pan transmog for my monk RollingPin. I was inspired to do a shado pan transmog after reading a post by wreckage88 on reddit a few months ago. Even though I started out with this recommendations, I eventually used only the chest and the leggings from his list.

Here are the items I have used for the transmog to get this look:

Most of the items, namely the chest, gloves, boots and leggings, are acquired from doing low-level quests in Azeroth and require very little time, except for the Booty Bay Pantaloons which are acquired as a quest reward from a rather long quest for Bloodsail Pirates. These quest can be completed in an hour, especially for high level characters, however, the remaining items may take much longer.

The helmet can be bought from Shado pan quartermaster after becoming exalted with them, and this took weeks in patch 5.1, however, now that 5.2 is live and allows you to gain reputations towards 5.1 factions from doing heroics, this may be much easier to get. The shoulders and the belt are a random drop from doing Ulduar 25 man (shoulders from Steelbreaker and belt from Mimiron), and I got them both in my recent run, a couple of weeks ago. Getting these might take some time, since you can do Ulduar only once a week and drops may not drop the first time around. If you have some friends, running 25 man Ulduar can give additional drops from the bosses, increasing the chance of getting them.

Since drops from Ulduar can take quite some time, you can use the following items from wreckage88’s original recommendations to complete the transmog:

Puncture-Binding Spaulder – I sported the look of these one-sided shoulders for a while, until I got the drop from Ulduar and they look great.

Mud’s Crushers – These gloves share the same model as Gloves of Fanatical Zealotry, used in my set. However, I had already finished the quest for mud’s crushers, so I chose to go for gloves of fanatical zealtory.

Black Featherlight Boots

Green Belt of Quiet Understanding – I liked the look of Brown Belt of Humbling Gravity better and wore that instead for a while until I got the Waistguard of the Creator from Ulduar a few weeks ago.

There is unfortunately no alternative for the shado pan helmet, but even without it the transmog looks amazing.

Now I need to find a good looking transmog set for my healing gear. Until then, here’s another picture of RollingPin looking awesome:



Horridon kill at 492 iLevel after hotfix on 3/11

Blizzard announced on Monday 3/11 that they had reduced the health of the Gurubashi, Amani, Drakkari, and Farraki adds on the Horridon encounter.

We’ve been attempting Horridon, for 2 nights now, and we didn’t have a clean transition from Gate 2 to Gate 3. We still had 3-4 mobs alive when gate 3 opened, and it would soon overwhelm us and wipe us. At 25 wipes in the first week of 10 Normal, we were about to give up and wait until we get more gear upgrades.

However, Monday’s hotfix, brought new hope and we decided to raid and give this more attempts, even though it is usually an off night for the group. The reduced health of the adds makes the transitions really smooth, and we had the boss down in a couple of attempts. Woo hoo !


For those wondering, our group has an average ilevel of 492-494 – and no heroic gear from tier 14. So this boss is now possible to kill without having an ilevel of 502, as was previously required.

Next up, Council of Elders, but before that it is time to hit LFR today evening and get some upgrades.