Steam Summer Sale Begins – Day 1

The time of the year has come, when gamers’ wallets bleed out dry. Steam sale began today at 1pm EST and will have its usual daily deals, community choices and flash deals every day until July 23rd. Remember to not buy a game until the last day of the sale, unless it is a part of daily deals, flash sales or community choice. Past experiences have showed that you can get the lowest price on a game during a daily deal or flash deal than otherwise.

Today’s Deals:


Daily Deals:

Title Discount Price ($USD)
Bioshock Infinite 50% $29.99
Don’t Starve 40% $8.99
Endless Space 66% $10.19
Hotline Miami 75% $2.49
Toki Tori 2+ 34% $9.89
Left4Dead 2 75% $4.99
Scribblenauts Unlimited 75% $4.99
Call of Juarez Gunslinger 33% $10.04
Antichamber 66% $6.79
Defiance 66% $13.59

Flash Sales:

Title Discount Price ($USD)
Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition 70% $8.99
Counter Strike: Global Offensive 66% $5.09
GRID 2 40% $29.99
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 40% $35.99

Personal Picks

My personal pick from today’s deal is going to be Bioshock Infinite, which has become a bestseller with a lot of great reviews since it came out earlier this year.  I’m also considering Antichamber which seems to be a mind-bending exploration game, and has received a lot of awards so far.

Last year during the sales I picked up Limbo, Trine and Trine 2 as random picks from flash sales, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Steam sale is one of those times, when you can pick up a few games in a new genre or game play experience for trying it out that you would not spend on otherwise without already knowing a lot about the game.

Due to a lot of traffic, Steam store seems to be down at the moment, with minimal connectivity, but hopefully it will come back up in time before today’s deals expire. 21 hours more to go!


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