Steam Sale – Day 3 : Tomb Raider, Witcher 2 and more in the great lineup!

I didn’t pick up any games yesterday, but today’s deals look a lot more interesting. It also seems that all the summer getaway card games will eventually make it to the daily deals, from the pattern of the past 3 days.


Personal Picks:

My personal pick would be Tomb raider which is another highly rated game that came out this year. However, I’m currently on the fence whether to get the steam version, which I would have to play with mouse and keyboard, or get an Xbox version later. I usually prefer playing games with mouse and keyboard instead of controller, but after my gameplay experience with Assassin’s Creed, I’m wary of trying out games on pc, which were built for consoles with pc as an after thought.

I would recommend Witcher 2 as a must buy from today’s deals, having already played Witcher 1 and being halfway through Witcher 2. Witcher 2 is a big improvement over the first game as far as combat is concerned and you don’t need to have played the first game in order to play this one. There are also combat overhaul packages, which fix a lot of combat issues, regarding ability lag and make combat much better.

I also own Heroes VI, but haven’t played it much yet, but if you are a fan of Age of Wonders franchise, you may like it as well. Borderlands 2 is next on my playing list, so I will more to say about it in the coming weeks, but the trailer and the reviews were very promising.


Today’s Deals:


Daily Deals:

Title Discount Price ($USD)
Tomb Raider 75% $12.49
StarDrive 66% $10.19
Age of Empires II: HD 50% $9.99
RPG Maker VX 66% $23.79
Borderlands 2 66% $10.19
Heroes VI 66% $10.19
Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 66% $5.09
Mars: War Logs 50% $9.99
Resident Evil 6 50% $19.99
The Witcher 2 75% $4.99
Flash Deals:

Title Discount Price ($USD)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 70% $5.99
Kinetic Void 66% $6.79
L.A. Noire 75% $4.99
Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition 75% $7.49


If you didn’t pick up Bioshock Infinite in yesterday’s daily deal, it is still available on Amazon for 24.99, with the voucher GOONCLAVE. Also the voucher will apply towards any games on sale, but from what I hear, it can be used only once, so use the voucher on the most expensive game you will buy.


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