Steam Sale – Day 8 : Great Day to Pickup Some Fun Multiplayer A-RPGs

Given that my game library is currently full of games that I still need to play and finish, I haven’t really spent a lot on buying new games during this summer sale, except on Day 1 of the sale when I picked up Bioshock Infinite and Dark Souls. Today’s line has some great multiplayer A-RPG games which I would highly recommend to anyone looking to play some multiplayer A-RPG with friends.

Personal Picks:

From today’s line up my favorites are Torchlight II and Magicka. Torchlight 2 is a great improvement over its predecessor and with multiplayer its a blast. The story line is still quite poor, but the game has some excellent combat. The enemies have way more affixes than the ones that Diablo 3 monsters had, and are more fun and challenging at the same time. One drawback of the game is that there is no option to respec completely. The game allows you to only respec the last three talents that you’ve chosen, however, there is a player mod which adds a respec potion to your inventory, which will allow you to respec. With a level cap of 100, the game promises hours of fun with friends. I’ve myself reached level ~90 as a mage. The great thing about the game is that, unlike Diablo 3 you are not locked into playing the same story line over and over again. After you finish the game the first time, you unlock mapworks, which allows players to buy random dungeons maps with various predefined affixes on players or monsters for endless fun.

Another recommendation today would be Magicka, which is also multiplayer ARPG, and mindless fun. Unlike most A-RPGs, Magicka has friendly fire damage, and it is not surprising when sometimes while killing monsters you may end up accidentally killing your friend. The game has magic based on elemental power, but allows you to mix them together to create a number of defensive, restorative or offensive spells with single target or AOE effects. The game allows a lot of room for experimentation to discover new spells. Magicka also differs from other A-RPGs in a lot of ways – there is no XP for kills, very minimal loot which mostly doesn’t matter, and there is no leveling. It is a fun story line, along which you fight monsters, discover more elemental powers and through experimentation discover more spells that  you can cast. It is a cute fun game to be played with friends, and at the daily deal price ($2.49) it is a steal. I would strongly recommend this game, if only to see how many different spell combinations you can create to kill enemies and sometimes even “accidentally” kill your own friends 😛

Today’s Deals:


Daily Deals:

Title Discount Price($USD)
Torchlight 2 75% $4.99
Call of Duty MW3 50% $19.99
SimCity 4 70% $5.99
Magicka 75% $2.49
Euro Truck Simulator 2 75% $9.99
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 50% $7.49
Far Cry 3 40% $23.99
XCOM Enemy Unknown 75% $9.99
Garry’s Mod 75% $2.49
The War Z/Infestation Survivor Stories** 75% $3.74
Flash Deals:

Title Discount Price($USD)
The Binding of Isaac 75% $1.24
Port Royale 3 75% $9.99
Sang-Froid 66% $5.09
Resident Evil 6 50% $19.99

If you’ve missed on any of the daily deals so far, Amazon has been price matching most of the games, so make sure to check their sale. Also, the voucher GOONCLAVE will apply towards any games on sale at Amazon, but from what I hear, it can be used only once, so use the voucher on the most expensive game you will buy.


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