Finall Got A Moonlight Ward

I have been looking for a moonlight ward on my Arcane Wizard ever since D3:RoS came out. For weeks, the amulet didn’t drop and Kadala didn’t give me one either. After spending almost 5K blood shards later, I got the amulet over the weekend.

The amulet rolled without a primary stat and with stats on the lower end for both Arcane skill damage and the Legendary affix for Arcane Ward damage, however, it still is a damage upgrade compared to my previous rare amulet.


Now my wizard is decked in all BiS gear for my current spec – 4 set Tal Rasha, 4 set Vyr’s and 3 set Aughilds with Ring of Royal Grandeur and Stone of Jordan. I think it is time to try out a T6 rift this week, however, I’m sure I still need better stat rolls on the current items to do well in T6, both in terms of survivability and damage, but the run should give me idea of where I am as far as T6 capability is concerned.


Tal Rasha or Vyr’s ? Why not both ?

I have been playing Arcane wizard since Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls came out, and I finally got the final set pieces to complete my favorite 4 set bonuses during the anniversary buff. My wizard is now running both 4 set Vyr’s Set and 4 set Tal Rasha set. For those who don’t know what these are, here is one item from each set showing the 4 set bonuses:

image image

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Currently Playing – May Edition

I am usually playing more than one game in any given week, so I thought I should start writing about what I’m currently playing each month.  In May, I’m playing Diablo 3 and Bioshock 2 so far, with Diablo 3 taking most of my gaming time.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Since Diablo expansion came out in late March, I’ve been playing it almost every day. My main character is a wizard, currently capable of doing Torment 3 rifts solo, but can do Torment 4&5 rifts with groups. Damage wise, I am capable of doing Torment 5 but I need some more survivability to be able to do Torment 4 onwards in a single player game.

Bioshock 2

When friends are not online to play Diablo 3, or when I’m tired of the countless rifts in Diablo 3, I am playing through the campaign of Bioshock 2. This game has been on my to-play list for a very long and i bought it years ago. I think I’m half way through the campaign and the gameplay is quite fun. However, I can’t play the game for more than a couple of hours at a time, due to constant head bob and the startling ambush of enemies in the game.