Tal Rasha or Vyr’s ? Why not both ?

I have been playing Arcane wizard since Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls came out, and I finally got the final set pieces to complete my favorite 4 set bonuses during the anniversary buff. My wizard is now running both 4 set Vyr’s Set and 4 set Tal Rasha set. For those who don’t know what these are, here is one item from each set showing the 4 set bonuses:

image image

The 4 set bonus is not shown as active in the pictures above, since battle.net profile does not include the bonus from the Ring of Royal Grandeur, which reduces the maximum number of set pieces required by 1 to a minimum of 2.  It is seriously a must-have ring in the game especially for later Torment levels, allowing you to wear more than one set at a time while getting full bonuses. Currently, my wizard has full set bonuses from Vyr’s, Tal Rasha, and Aughild’s sets, all possible only due to this ring.

Thanks to the anniversary buff, I also got my first ever Thunderfury drop, and I think I’m now finally ready for Torment 5 rifts. Here’s a snapshot of my current gear setup to show how you can use all these sets together.


I tried using Andariel’s Visage in helm slot with Tal Rasha’s source to get the same set bonus with slightly higher sheet damage, but since the Tal Rasha’s meteors benefit from bonus elemental damage and cool down reduction helps with increased Archon usage, I swapped them to use Tal Rasha’s helm and Triumvirate source instead.

My wizard had been stuck for almost a month with no gear upgrades, but the anniversary buff has given me the final pieces to make this gear combination possible. I seriously love this buff and I hope Blizzard will keep it beyond this week. Not all legendary drops have been direct upgrades. However,  the additional Forgotten Souls have helped in upgrading stats on current items, each of which have provided the necessary increases in damage or survival for continual progress.

There are still 4 days before the buff expires, if you haven’t already started, it is isn’t too late to do some rifts and get epic loot. If you have, let me know what amazing legendary items you’ve gotten. I just hope that I get my Moonlight Ward before the buff expires on Thursday night.


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