Currently playing : July edition

June and July were quite busy so, I didn’t get time to publish the currently playing post last couple of months. Playing time was drastically reduced due to work, and I mostly played Diablo 3 : RoS as my primary game. With the announcement of Games With Gold for Xbox One, I also tried out Max : The Curse of Brotherhood on a weekend. It is still available for free on xbox one if you are interested.

In this post I am mostly summarizing what I played in the past two months, when I got the chance. I will make another post for August.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Diablo 3 was still the primary game that I played throughout June and most of July. However, along with my wizard, I now also have a witch doctor. It was surprising how easy it was to get the witch doctor geared enough to do higher torment levels. I’m playing the Fetish Sychophant spec, also known as pet doctor, and it was quite easy to get the pet doctor with a couple of pet specific gear – Mask of Jeram and Tasker and Theo. The rest of the gear was mostly borrowed from my wizard’s replaced items. Even though my wizard is in the best in slot gear, I find it really difficult to do Torment 6, however, my witch doctor could do Torment 6 even now, without best in slot gear. The classes feels really imbalanced near end game.

Max : The Curse of Brotherhood

A fun little platformer, which I hadn’t heard off, until it was offered for free on the Xbox With Gold deal in June. I picked it up for a change from Diablo, and was pleasantly surprised that the game was a very polished and fun experience. It is a very short game that can be finished in 8-10 hours. The puzzles are interesting and the addition of collectibles and secrets in the game, added to the replayability of the game levels. However, the replayability of the game ends there, and I haven’t returned to it after finishing the game,

Bioshock 2

I finished Bioshock 2 in early July and while the gameplay was still quite good, I found the story somewhat straightfoward as compared to the first game, The DLC on the other hand, had a really mind-blowing ending.

Like the previous game, you get different endings based on your actions towards the Little Sisters and the various NPCs you encounter through out the game.


I recently started playing dishonored and I’m a few missions into the game, and I’m enjoying the game so far. The gameplay is fantastic, but the story feels very lacking at the moment.  Each mission has multiple ways of accomplishing the goals and the open-ended maps allow for various approaches based on gameplay style. I will continue playing this game through out August.


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