Diablo 3 – Where A hero’s greatest Foe are Doors

Since Diablo 3 : Ultimate Evil Edition came out in August, I started a new character and have been playing through the story line again. It has been a while since I’ve played through the first 4 Acts of the game, and replaying through it this time, has made me realize how incompetent the Nephalem is at opening doors. I’m mean here she is, the fruit of both Angels and Demons, with skills and powers immeasurable who can take on hordes of enemies at once, defeat elites, Evil Lords of Hell and even Diablo 3 at the end of the game, and yet whenever she is faced with a door, there is an NPC offering to open the door for you.

The first time playing through the game, I was probably taken by the game play, the skills, the class mechanics, and the story in general that I probably didn’t pay much attention to this tiny detail, but this time around I noticed that right since Act 2, almost everyone comes by and says “Let me get this door for you”. In Act 2 itself there are so many instances where our heroes will be stumped while facing a giant door and will need NPC intervention to get past.

The first time we meet with Emperor Hakkan in the sewers, he introduces himself, and then kindly offers to open the gate to the sewers for you. The first time I played the game, I liked the little Emperor at this point in the game, since it is quite unexpected from someone of such a high standing to come along and open a measly door for you.



A  short while later in the Act, we have Zoltun Kulle traveling with us, and he offers to open the the entrance to the waterway. Not to mention he also gives an epic maniacal laughter after he says “I’ll open this door for you”, and when you enter, its just an empty room. Sigh! I had expected something more evil to ambush me as I entered the waterway, after that laugh of his. It was quite a disappointment.

Finally towards the end of the Act, Adria and Leah come rushing to aid us in combating Belial and storming the doors of the castle. But when they said storming the doors of the castle, I didn’t think they meant it literally. Adria encourages Leah to open two doors for us on the way to fight Belial, with her unique magical powers, which have not been explained in the game very well. However, once the final door is down it is up to the hero again to face Belial and save Caldeum from being destroyed, while Adria went to help Leah recuperate from her door opening fatigue. The same hero who was powerless against the might of these doors, has suddenly become the fearsome and capable Nephalem to bring down the Lord of Lies – Belial himself.

There are other times through out the game as well, when the NPC’s come along and give  you a helping hand in opening doors. This poses a really big question, why the one person up on whose shoulders the fate of all humanity rests, is unable to open doors. If the doors were magical in nature, there should have been a better explanation in the game as to their difficulty, or may be another quest which allowed the Nephalem to be able to disarm the wards on the doors and get past. 

Even though the story was still quite lacking in the expansion Reaper of Souls, Blizzard did improve upon the story telling quite a bit and at least it wasn’t rife with powerful doors that our heroes were unable to open.


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