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Love is in the air

I got this achievement on the last day of the festival on Viconia – my discipline priest. I had completed all the world festivals achievements required for the 310% mount and master riding, on my paladin last year before I took a reprieve from wow and had decided that my focus for PvE achievements would be my paladin, and I would focus pvp achievements on my priest. However, now that my priest is my main character I thought i’d do the achievements anyways. Unfortunately, I decided this late in the afternoon on the last day of the festival, and thought that I wouldn’t get this achievement with less than 8 hours left before it ends. However, this achievement is very easy to get in a single day without having to do dailies everyday. Getting love tokens is easy if you had a couple of hours to spare for grinding love charms in one the level 80 dungeons (doesn’t have to be heroic). I spent about two and a half hours to get 680 love charms to make all the bracelets I needed and traded them for the love tokens. From my calculations you need exactly 520 love charms, if you are lucky to get all 4 types of chocolates from the same box of chocolates for the achievement sweet tooth. Unfortunately, I had to buy 3 boxes for 10 tokens each to get the Sweet Tooth achievement :(. Even though it looks like the Be Mine achievement requires a lot more chocolates, it is easier than the sweet tooth achievement, since the box of heart candies sells only 2 tokens and on an average you need 3-4 boxes to complete the Be Mine achievement.

The best place that I could find to farm the love charms was Halls of Lightning dungeon in Ulduar, Storm Peaks. Since this place is instanced, you don’t have to deal with any competition and trying to tag the mob first. If you are level 85 you can skip most of the trash and skip the first boss to come to the room where slags will continuously spawn every few seconds. It would be very easy to just collect all of them and AoE them down, but after a while I got lazy of running around in circles in the area and asked a friend who was going to go afk for a bit to come and stand at the point where the slags spawn. He also summoned his pet and made the pet stand on the opposite spawn point. This way as soon as the slags spawned, I could just do a cheap heal on my friend’s dk and pull aggro from him and his pet to aoe them down without having to move much. After two and a half hours I had all the charms that I needed after which it was pretty easy to get all the achievements. The following image shows the positions that I, my friend and his friendly pet RootGobbler were standing in to minimize movement, while getting all the slags except one to come attack me.


The rest was just finishing the meta-achievements and performing quests. You will get some more love tokens from completing quests required for Nation of Adoration, which will also be needed for getting the Love Fool title. Wow wiki and overachiever have excellent guides to look up what exactly needs to be done for each of the festival achievements.

The most difficult thing was finding an alliance warlock. I did battlegrounds for hours and I didn’t find any alliance players playing warlocks, let alone a gnome warlock. Lots of gnomes running around but no warlocks. It seems like warlocks are not really a popular class in alliance anymore, which seems odd, since we have a lot of warlocks in horde. Finally I had a friend who created a gnome warlock and I flew to Dun Morogh to shower him with a handful of rose petals. If you do this, be careful of level 85 NPC flying above Ironforge and level 85 players in general roaming around the area.

Finally, you can roam around the world proudly displaying your newly received title announcing yourself as a love fool.



Disgracin’ The Basin

Got this achievement day before just in the nick of time. I had assaulted two bases during the game, one – the gold mine – at the start when all the bases were neutral and black smith when the alliance had already controlled it for a while. We were doing pretty good with defending our bases and horde had about a minute left to win when I realized that I needed one more capture to get this achievement. Standing at black smith I could see that there was only one Alliance player defending the stables. Seeing a silver lining I ceased the opportunity and a friend and I ran up to stables. Lokregar attacked the alliance player and I cast psychic scream when I got near him. When he was distant enough I started capturing the base. As soon as  alliance player was  out of the incapacitating effects of my fear came running back but my friend death gripped him just in time to keep him from interrupting me. He also further interrupted his run towards me by chaining him in chains of ice giving me enough time to finish the capture. All this while, I was slowly capping the base, while the timer for horde winning the battle kept going. With one second to spare, I finished the capture, and the achievement popped up along with the notification that our team had won. It was a great feeling to not have missed this achievement after coming so close to getting it. Woooot!!!


Thank you Lokregar for helping me get this achievement in the nick of time. Amazing work at keeping the alliance defender away from me while I took away the glory Smile

Chicken Kicker, Show Off!

Yeah, that’s right! I’m a chicken kicker and a show off …

Well …, I’m not a chicken kicker in real life .. that’s just mean and I don’t believe I’m a show off either. I’m talking about two different fun achievements in Fable 2 which came as a surprise to me in the first 30 minutes of the game.

I was at a friend’s place last week for dinner, and while the food was cooking, I decided to play Fable 2 to kill time. I must say that the game graphics and game play  are really good.  Player and NPC interaction is also very neat.

Anyways, after the first cut scene in the game, I was following my sister, and I happen to come upon a chicken. I was still getting used to the controls so when I got to the chicken, somehow I accidentally kicked it and it went flying away. This was hilarious to watch, so I did it deliberately for fun. I kept doing this to every chicken I found much to my friend’s worry who kept looking over my shoulder all the time to see what I was up to, because he thought that I might lose reputation or shift my alignment towards evil ( I was planning to play good), if I kicked chickens all the time. However, you don’t lose reputation or alignment if you do this. In fact, you will get some points for being funny, if you kick chickens around villagers and make them laugh.

However, in chapter 2, in my adulthood I must say, I kicked a chicken, and got 2 points for making a nearby villager laugh. I also got the achievement “Chicken Kicker” at the same time. I have no idea how far I kicked the chicken, but was immensely surprised to see the achievement pop up on screen. This achievement is very easy to achieve at the beginning of the game, when you are following your sister. There are a lot of chickens on the road, just try kicking them and see how far they go.

When you are collecting 5 gold in the beginning of the game, you come across a photographer, who wants someone to pose for him. It doesn’t matter what pose you choose, but extend it and end it correctly and you will get the “show-off” achievement. I chose to fart extensively and ended it perfectly without crapping in my pants. To end the extended poses without messing them up, stop performing them in the green section of the action bar. If you fail to get the achievement at this time, you will find a lady creating a sculpture later in the game, and you can pose for her and get it then. You can get a sculpture made for yourself as many times as you want, so getting this achievement then becomes easy as long as you have some gold to spare.