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Disgracin’ The Basin

Got this achievement day before just in the nick of time. I had assaulted two bases during the game, one – the gold mine – at the start when all the bases were neutral and black smith when the alliance had already controlled it for a while. We were doing pretty good with defending our bases and horde had about a minute left to win when I realized that I needed one more capture to get this achievement. Standing at black smith I could see that there was only one Alliance player defending the stables. Seeing a silver lining I ceased the opportunity and a friend and I ran up to stables. Lokregar attacked the alliance player and I cast psychic scream when I got near him. When he was distant enough I started capturing the base. As soon as  alliance player was  out of the incapacitating effects of my fear came running back but my friend death gripped him just in time to keep him from interrupting me. He also further interrupted his run towards me by chaining him in chains of ice giving me enough time to finish the capture. All this while, I was slowly capping the base, while the timer for horde winning the battle kept going. With one second to spare, I finished the capture, and the achievement popped up along with the notification that our team had won. It was a great feeling to not have missed this achievement after coming so close to getting it. Woooot!!!


Thank you Lokregar for helping me get this achievement in the nick of time. Amazing work at keeping the alliance defender away from me while I took away the glory Smile


Best compliment ever.

“Finally, I don’t have to play against Alannah in HuttBall”

Friday was a real good day for PvP. A friend of mine and I were playing PvP for hours as republic and our team was consistently winning every match in a row. One such match was HuttBall, where my friend and I were generally annoying the opposing team and kept them busy near their base, while our ball handler carried the ball undisturbed to the finish line. After we won the match, we re-queued for another warzone. We joined Alderaan warzone immediately afterwards and someone said the above words. It made my day! Thank you kind stranger. Hope I didn’t annoy you too much. No hard feelings!